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Why Join Camping Club Youth?Are you aged between 12 and 17? Do you like making new friends and having your own adventures? Join Camping Club Youth and you can...

  • Enjoy adventures with like-minded friends and discover the secrets of surviving the great outdoors
  • Learn new skills like selecting the best campsites, pitching tents, cooking, map reading, first aid and lots more
  • Camp at the annual National Youth Rally with other Youth Members, enjoy sports events, games, fancy dress, discos and more
  • Attend the annual International Youth Rally held in a different European country each year
  • Compete in sports like football, volleyball and netball
  • Enjoy camping and activity weekends including pony trekking, mountain walking, rock climbing and canoeing
  • Work towards and take your National Youth Test, which is designed to help you camp safely and with skill and is a real achievement for any young camper

Join for free!
Camping Club Youth membership is free for Youth members aged between 12 and 17 years. Upon passing the Youth Test by your 18th birthday you will continue to enjoy free CCY membership until your 21st birthday.
Continue camping as a CCY member for less! Youth members aged between 21 and 30, having passed their Youth Test before their 18th birthday pay a reduced Senior Youth subscription of £20.00 instead of the full Club subscription which is currently £40.00.Camping Club Youth...

get even more from your Club.

For more information and an Application Form please complete our online enquiry formOr call our Membership Department on 0845 130 7632