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Welcome to the Youth Page of the Yorkshire Region website.

We are The Yorkshire Region Youth Liaison Officers, or R.Y.L.O.’s

Both of us have been brought up via the youth, passing our youth tests and attending numerous youth rallies whilst in the youth and again later as leaders.

Behind us, there is a dedicated and enthusiastic team of youth leaders and assistants who not only support us but run their own DA (District Associations) sections within the Region, which is one of the largest within the club.

Listed in dates for your diary (just click on the link) are the Regions planned activities for 2021 (subject to COVID restrictions), but all DA’s with Youth Leaders will also have their own programme of events.

The Camping Club Youth section or C.C.Y. aims to promote enjoyment of camping by providing a positive and fun experience, to camp apart from your parents in an area dedicated to the youth section, with D.B.S checked youth leaders. There can be planned activities, or you can just chill with friends.

These leaders give their time for free to ensure all youth have that enjoyable experience.

They will offer training to help you to develop the life skills which will lead towards the taking of the C.C.Y. camping test, which once passed allows you to camp unsupervised on club sites

With the C.C.Y. you will have the chance to travel, not just around Great Britain, but Europe as well, with regional, national and international youth rallies taking place each year.

See our FACEBOOK page Yorkshire Region CCY (new) for fuller info and live updates.

Why not join us at any event listed in dates for your diary provided that you are aged 12 to 17

If you require a membership application form just click on the link below or email

The membership is now FREE to 12 - 17-year olds.

If you are over 17, then why not check out the new YOUNG CAMPERS Facebook group aimed at the over 18’s

If you require any additional information, contact your youth leaders or message us via our Facebook page or email us on yorkshirerylo@gmail.com

Many Thanks

Charlie & Alison

If you require any additional information email us on yorkshirerylo@gmail.com









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