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Yorkshire Region
Image by Joanna Kosinska
A Short History of Yorkshire Region

Yorkshire Region was founded at a Meeting held on 3rd December 1949 and at that time consisted of Yorkshire DA, founded in 1910, and Sheffield DA founded in 1934 and East Yorkshire DA, founded in 1938. Two members of each DA comprised the Council with Mr J Bray of Yorkshire DA being elected Chairman.


The first AGM of Yorkshire Region was not held until 14th September 1952 where 15 members were elected to the Region Council, with 5 positions being elected every year, a practice which still continues to this day.


Central Yorkshire DA was formed in 1956, South Yorkshire DA in 1961, Huddersfield DA in 1968, Leeds DA in 1970, Spen Valley DA  and Yorkshire Derwent DA in 1974. Danum DA was formed in 1994 but unfortunately, due its members not being able to form a committee, was closed in 2003. Also in 1974 due to the Local Government Boundary changes and the creating of the “County of Humberside” Lindum DA became part of Yorkshire Region from Central Counties. A new Region Pennon was designed incorporating Lindum DA, however in 1997 after further boundary changes the Region Council decided to revert to the original pennon design.


The first Regional Meet as it known today was held in 1963, organised by Sheffield DA at Manton Forest, however prior to this two or three regional meets were held each year but these appear to have been for holding the Region Council Meetings.


In 1968 the first Region Youth Rally was held at Knaresborough and this has been held every year since. 1976 saw the start of the Region Winter Youth Rally held on the first weekend in February which also continues today.


Yorkshire Region has successfully hosted the National Feast of Lanterns on a number of occasions, 1967 at Newby Hall near Ripon., 1974 again at Newby Hall 1974, 1985 at Castle Howard, notable for the rain and mud, 1996 at Carlton Towers and 2008 at Pickering. It was at the 1967 NFOL that the first NFOL “Mardi Gras” procession was held inspired by East Yorkshire DA.


The National youth rally has also been held in Yorkshire on several occasions, 1970  at Upton, 1976 Bardney Dairies, 1989, Harewood, 2004 at Carlton Towers.

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