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It's all about the youth!

Explore the great outdoors with Camping Club Youth, a place where you can meet new people, improve your camping ability, show off your sporting talent, try new things and have fun doing it.


There’s a lot going on throughout the year, so we’ve created this page to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. Whether you’re a Rally Regular or Ski Meet Master, you’ll find everything you need to know about CCY right here!

About the Camping Club Youth

The Camping Club Youth (CCY) Section offers an excellent opportunity for our young members to experience camping with their peers and to make new friends at regional, national and international camps.

You can become a CCY member from the age of 12 to 17. Each DA (District Association) is encouraged to have their own Youth Section. If your DA does not have a Youth Section and you are interested in attending any of our fun events, please contact the Region Youth Liaison Officer (RYLO) listed below.

As a Region we organise two main Youth Rallies which are exclusively for youth members and their leaders. This is a great opportunity to spend time away from your parents in a safe and supervised environment, enjoying games and activities. All Youth Leaders and Testers are subject to enhanced D.B.S. checks and safeguarding training.

As a Region we attend the National Youth Rally, held the first weekend in July. This is an opportunity to compete against friends from around the country in sports and fun activities. In addition there is a yearly International Youth Rally that is open to any Youth over 14 years of age who has passed their Youth Test (details available from your Youth Leaders or RYLO) this rally is hosted by a different country each year. Eg Portugal, Holland, Scotland. Youth Test: All Youth are encouraged to take their Youth Test; this comprises of many useful life skills ie first aid, map reading and cooking.

Our Yorkshire Region Youth Liaison Officers are Alison Bingham and Charlies Amory, both of whom have been involved in the Club for very many years and have themselves been Youth Members, CCJ (Camping Club Junior) Leaders and Youth Leaders before becoming RYLOs, and camp with their partners Paul and Karen.

I you would like any further information, as a perspective Youth Member or an adult considering becoming a Youth Leader, please contact us.

Charlie and Alison

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