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Club Rules FAQ

We are The Friendly Club and want you to enjoy your stays with us and for the comfort and safety of yourselves and your fellow campers we do have some site rules that you need to adhere to.​

Image by Vadim Bogulov
  • Respect must be shown to the landowners property and all 'out of bounds' areas observed.
  • No driving on site between 11.00pm and 7.00am.
  • No smoking / e-cigarette in the marquee or any other buildings being used on site.
  • There is a maximum speed limit on site of 5 mph at all times. Please do not exceed this limit and keep try to keep vehicle movement to a minimum.
  • Yorkshire Region permit the use of generators between the hours of XXam and XX noon then XXpm to XXpm. They should be used with care and not left running unnecessarily. (Other Regions and DA’s may have different regulations).
  • No ball games, kite flying, drones, model aircraft , drones, catapults, airguns, firearms, bow and arrows, or similar items on site. Ball games are permitted only with the agreement of the Steward on an open space well away from camping units.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and excrement disposed of immediately and responsibly. Dogs must not be taken into the marquee with the exception of registered guide dogs.
  • All quiet on site after 11pm.
  • No part of any toilet should be taken to a drinking water tap.
  • Please remember to bring your own toilet. Unless it specifically states there are toilets on site.
  • Waste water must be collected in a suitable receptacle and must not be allowed to foul the ground. When full it can be emptied at a suitable location (usually at the edge of the field unless there is a designated drain).
  • All rubbish must be taken home with you at the close of the meet unless stated otherwise. Pop up holiday sites will have waste bins or a skip for your rubbish due to the longer nature of the sites.
  • All units must place a bucket of water outside their unit in case of fire.
  • What is a DA?
    A District Association (DA) is made up of members who operate on a voluntary basis to form a group; this group organises temporary camping events for up to 5 days (a Meet) or up to 28 days (a Temporary Holiday Site) usually with entertainment and activities planned. These events can be held anywhere in the UK, and members are welcome to attend any Meet, whether it’s organised by your own DA or a different DA elsewhere in the country. Upon joining the Club you are automatically assigned to your local DA based on your home postcode, however, you can change this to whichever DA you wish to be registered with. Simply contact the Secretary of the District Association you would like to move to, and they will send you an Opting Form to complete.
  • What is social camping?
    Social Camping is a term the Club uses to describe the Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites organised and managed by our District Associations, Regions or Special Interest Sections. We chose this term because it explains what this style of camping is all about – camping events run by passionate members, for members who share the same interests. Social Camping offers some of the most inexpensive camping available, and you’ll always be guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome.
  • Can I just pitch my caravan anywhere on site?
    No. You will be advised as to the best place to pitch your unit by the steward.
  • Are there toilet / shower facilities on site?
    Rarely, most of our Weekend Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites are held in farmers' fields so you will need your own self contained toilet and washing facilities. If there are facilities they will be described in the meet description.
  • Is there electric hook up available at Weekend Meets or Temporary holiday sites?
    ​Rarely. You will normally need your own power. A fully charged battery should easily last you the weekend. Most DA campers install solar panels which can keep your battery topped up and makes longer meets a doddle. You could also use a generator to top your battery up but please be aware there are strict rules regarding the times you can use them. If EHU is available it will be in the meet description and there will be extra costs.
  • Are tents allowed?
    Yes, you can camp with any unit type as long as they are designed for overnight accommodation. Be aware if you are in a tent you will need your own toilet facilities at the majority of our Pop up sites. If there are toilets available it will be stated in the site description.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes, as long as they are kept on a lead and under control at all times on site. You must also clean up any mess.
  • Do you have a special area for kids?
    ​If your child is aged between 8 and 18, we do have both youth and junior youth sections that they can join. There are designated areas for both the youth and juniors to camp if they wish. If you would like more information about our youth sections, please contact our youth leaders.
  • What is a pup tent?
    A pup tent is a small tent to sleep no more than 2 people, it is to be used for sleeping only and have no other equipment ie. cooking equipment etc.
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